How to Make Over Your Living Room

How to Make Over Your Living Room: 6 Easy Decorating Tips

Low on funds but want to freshen up your home? Can’t afford an interior designer? Here are cheap and easy DIY decorating tips to transform your living room.

In most homes, the living room is the first room a guest will enter. It is also the room where guests are entertained and where families spend the most time together. Creating a room that is warm, modern and welcoming can be easily achieved with a living room makeover, following a few simple steps.

Painting a Feature Wall

Painting a feature wall injects the living room with added colour and personality. Choose a wall that is plain if possible, without any doors or windows. Painting a feature wall is an excellent way to change the mood of the living room and make the room more modern.

Strong, deep colours will make the feature wall appear closer, so are ideal if decorators wish to make the living area seem squarer. While lighter colours will make the wall look further away, making the room seem larger.

Creating Space in the Living Room

Decorators should begin by creating a list of all the items in their living room. Eliminate all of the items on the list that are not used, needed or wanted. This will help them decide which items they wish to or need to retain and keeps the living area clutter free.

While decorating a living room, limit the number of items used. Displaying too many decorative items and filling the room with too many pieces of furniture will make the room look messy and cluttered.

Hanging a Mirror to Create Illusion

Too many wall hangings in a small space can make the room feel overcrowded. Fixing a large mirror to a living room wall will create an illusion of depth and make the room appear larger than it actually is. Placing a large mirror on a wall which will refelect lighting from a window is an ideal way to take advantage of natural lighting throughout the day.

Creating a Focal Point in the Living Room

A focus point gives the eye a starting position so that it can take in the interior landscape with ease.It brings rythym and flow into the room.

Focal points may include:

  • Grand Piano
  • Book Case
  • Fireplace
  • Large Painting
  • Large Window Providing A Scenic View
  • Decorative Rug
  • Art Sculpture

Decorative Rugs for the Living Room

Decorative rugs, mats or area rugs like those sold are ideal for hiding stains or worn carpet. When using decorative rugs, it is important to ensure that the colours used in the rug match the placement and colours of furniture.

Indoor Plants for the Living Room

An indoor plant in an attractive pot adds elegance to the living room. Indoor plants look ideal in the corner of any room and help absorb stale air from inside the home. Indoor plants can also give a tropical feel and are easy to grow for even the most inexperienced gardener.

Home decorators do not need to be experienced interior designers to achieve a fresh and modern living room. By simply adding a decorative rug, large mirror or an indoor plant, a living room can be transformed with a few simple steps, saving the homeowner a small fortune.